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  • Zibo Tablet

    Zibo Tablet

    It is a high-concentration solid sodium hydroxide with the quality of flake caustic soda and strong aggressiveness. The flake alkali solutio

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  • Junzheng Tablet

    Junzheng Tablet

    It is widely used in papermaking, synthetic washing, soap, viscose fiber, rayon and cotton fabric industries, pesticides, dyes, rubber and c

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  • Caustic soda manufacturer

    Caustic soda manufacturer

    Industrial production has a large demand for flaky alkali, which is difficult to meet the needs of simple preparation methods in laboratorie

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  • 99 tablets of alkali manufacturers

    99 tablets of alkali manufacturers

    99 tablets of caustic soda is a corrosive sodium hydroxide reaction water, called caustic soda. Sodium hydroxide is easily soluble in water

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  • Industrial Caustic Soda

    Industrial Caustic Soda

    Belonging to chemical products, we must do a good job in the production line, production environment, worker safety and other aspects of saf

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  • High flake alkali

    High flake alkali

    Used for wastewater treatment. In order to increase the pH value of the raw water, strengthen the coagulation and sedimentation effect, and

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  • Food grade flake caustic soda

    Food grade flake caustic soda

    Refers to sodium hydroxide and impurities that meet the standard GB5175-2008 "Sodium Hydroxide for Food Additives". They are food processing

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