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Granular caustic soda is granular caustic soda, also known as pearl caustic soda, which is a solid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) product, chemical formula: sodium hydroxide. According to the particle size, it can be divided into two kinds of thickness. The fine particle size is about 0.7mm, and the shape is similar to washing powder.
Among solid alkalis, flake alkali and granular alkali are common and used solid alkalis, and granular alkali is better than flake alkali. However, the preparation process of granular alkali is more difficult and complicated than that of flake alkali. Therefore, the price of granular alkali is naturally higher than that of flake alkali.
Granular alkali is easy to deliquesce and easily reacts with carbon dioxide, so the storage of solid alkali generally needs to be dried and sealed.
Granular caustic soda is solid sodium hydroxide with the chemical properties of sodium hydroxide. When placed in the air, it will absorb moisture in the air, deliquescence, and deteriorate with carbon dioxide. It is also required to be dried and sealed in the package. In my country, granular caustic soda is generally packaged in a 25kg three-layer plastic woven bag.
Granular alkali is mainly used as a chemical raw material and is an important basic chemical raw material. Used in the chemical industry for the manufacture of formic acid, oxalic acid, borax, phenol, sodium cyanide, soap, synthetic fatty acids, synthetic detergents, etc.; used in the textile printing and dyeing industry for desizing agents, scouring agents, mercerizing agents, vat dyes and Haichang blue dyes Solvent. Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide and metal surface treatment agent for smelting industry.