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  • Zibo Tablet

    Zibo Tablet

    It is a high-concentration solid sodium hydroxide with the quality of flake caustic soda and strong aggressiveness. The flake alkali solutio

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  • Junzheng Tablet

    Junzheng Tablet

    It is widely used in papermaking, synthetic washing, soap, viscose fiber, rayon and cotton fabric industries, pesticides, dyes, rubber and c

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  • Caustic soda manufacturer

    Caustic soda manufact...

    Industrial production has a large demand for flaky alkali, which is difficult to meet the needs of simple preparation methods in laboratorie

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  • 99 tablets of alkali manufacturers

    99 tablets of alkali ...

    99 tablets of caustic soda is a corrosive sodium hydroxide reaction water, called caustic soda. Sodium hydroxide is easily soluble in water

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  • Industrial Caustic Soda

    Industrial Caustic Soda

    Belonging to chemical products, we must do a good job in the production line, production environment, worker safety and other aspects of saf

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  • High flake alkali

    High flake alkali

    Used for wastewater treatment. In order to increase the pH value of the raw water, strengthen the coagulation and sedimentation effect, and

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  • Food grade flake caustic soda

    Food grade flake caus...

    Refers to sodium hydroxide and impurities that meet the standard GB5175-2008 "Sodium Hydroxide for Food Additives". They are food processing

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  • Flake sodium hydroxide

    Flake sodium hydroxide

    The harm is to corrode people's skin. Once touched, it may burn the skin and form scars. Therefore, in the work related to caustic soda, it

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  • Potassium hydroxide manufacturer

    Potassium hydroxide m...

    Potassium hydroxide is a white flake solid, easy to absorb moisture, is a strong alkali corrosive substance, and its chemical properties are

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  • Shandong soda ash manufacturers

    Shandong soda ash man...

    Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) is also called soda ash, but it belongs to salt, not alkali. It is an important organic chemical raw material, mai

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  • Granule manufacturers

    Granule manufacturers

    Granular caustic soda is granular caustic soda, also known as pearl caustic soda, which is a solid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) product,

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  • Liquid caustic soda manufacturers

    Liquid caustic soda m...

    Liquid caustic soda is liquid sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda and caustic soda. Due to different production processes, the conc

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