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Caustic soda manufacturer

Caustic soda manufacturer

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Industrial production has a large demand for flaky alkali, which is difficult to meet the needs of simple preparation methods in laboratories, or requires some large-scale equipment. So what is the specific caustic soda production equipment? Let us find out.
1. Caustic soda machine
The main equipment for producing flake alkali, the molten alkali flows out from the three-effect sweating device, enters the alkali machine, and is attached to the drum. The barrel is filled with cold water to cool the molten alkali outside the barrel, and the product is scraped with a scraper.
2. Sugar bowl
Between the two-effect and three-effect evaporators, there is a sugar bowl containing a 5% sucrose solution. The reason why the sugar tank is added is that the production of flake caustic soda causes serious corrosion to the equipment at high temperatures. Therefore, the sucrose solution is used to neutralize the lye to reduce the corrosion of the equipment.
3. External condenser
Its working principle is that when the secondary steam is in contact with the external cooler, there is a temperature difference between the external surface of the cooler and the secondary steam. According to the heat transfer principle, the heat of the secondary steam will be transferred to the refrigerant in the cooling pipe through the outer surface of the cooler, thereby reducing the temperature of the secondary steam. When the external temperature of the cooler is lower than the dew point temperature of the secondary steam, the water vapor in the secondary steam is condensed to achieve the purpose of cooling and dehumidification.
There are mainly three types of equipment used in the production of caustic soda. The use of mechanical equipment greatly saves the cost of manual operation, increases production efficiency, and brings good benefits to the enterprise. It is currently widely used.