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Zibo Tablet

Zibo Tablet

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  Zibo TabletIt is a high-concentration solid sodium hydroxide with the quality of flake caustic soda and strong aggressiveness. The flake alkali solution or dust will splash on the skin, mainly the mucous membrane, and it will produce soft SC that penetrates deep tissues. The scar is still there after the burn. High flaky alkali dissolves in water or neutralizing acid, releasing a lot of heat. Its high temperature will burn human skin tissues. Strong alkalis can also denature human skin proteins. Therefore, the use of saponin needs to be careful, because caustic soda is harmful to human body skin tissues, and accidental splashing on the skin can be painful.
When the factory started to use industrial-grade Zibo caustic soda, it was not only convenient to use and save money, but also needed to purchase a complete set of protective measures to keep the construction workers safe. Workers need to wear work clothes, masks, protective glasses, rubber gloves, rubber aprons, rubber boots and other labor protection equipment. Neutral and hydrophobic ointments should be applied to the skin. The workshop is well ventilated.
Splashing the alkaline solution into the eye will not only damage the cornea, but also cause deep tissue damage to the eye. If it splashes on the skin, rinse it with water for 10 minutes; if it splashes on the eyes, rinse it with water or saline for 15 minutes. In severe cases, send it to the hospital for treatment. The maximum allowable concentration of the alkali metal dust of Zibo flakes in the air is 0.5 mg/m3.