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99 tablets of alkali manufacturers

99 tablets of alkali manufacturers

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99 tablets of caustic soda is a corrosive sodium hydroxide reaction water, called caustic soda. Sodium hydroxide is easily soluble in water when it is dissolved under heating. Sodium hydroxide changes gradually with carbon dioxide and sodium carbonate in the air. When opened, it will attract water vapor in the air (moisture absorption). Sodium hydroxide dissolves like ethanol or glycerin. Spanish nacre is a highly corrosive alkaline substance. After being dissolved in water, the phenolphthalein test paper will be red and the litmus test paper will be blue.
There are two types of 99 tablets of caustic soda: pure solid caustic soda is white, in block, flake, rod, granular, and brittle; pure liquid caustic soda is a colorless and transparent liquid. Sodium hydroxide is also soluble in ethanol and glycerin, but insoluble in ether, acetone and liquid ammonia. Sodium hydroxide, also known as alkaline solution or caustic soda, has a molecular formula of NaOH, which is a very corrosive metal substrate. It is a white solid, which can be in the form of granules, flakes or granules, although sometimes in the form of a 50% saturated solution.
Sodium hydroxide is widely used in chemical experiments. In addition to being used as a reagent, it can also be used as an alkaline desiccant due to its strong water absorption and deliquescence. 99 tablets of alkali are widely used in the national economy, and many industrial sectors need sodium hydroxide. The most common sector is chemical manufacturing, followed by paper, aluminum, tungsten, rayon, rayon and soap manufacturing.