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Liquid caustic soda manufacturers

Liquid caustic soda manufacturers

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Liquid caustic soda is liquid sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda and caustic soda. Due to different production processes, the concentration of existing chlor-alkali plants is generally 30-32% or 40-42%.

It is an important basic chemical raw material with a wide range of uses. In the chemical industry, it is used in the manufacture of formic acid, oxalic acid, borax, phenol, soap, synthetic fatty acids, synthetic detergents, etc.; in the textile printing and dyeing industry, it is used as a solvent for desizing agents, scouring agents, mercerizing agents, vat dyes and Haichang blue dyes. Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum oxide and metal surface treatment agent for smelting industry. The instrument industry is mainly used as an acid neutralizer, decolorizer and deodorant. The adhesive industry is mainly used as starch gelatinizer and neutralizer. In addition, liquid caustic soda is widely used in enamel, medicine, cosmetics, leather, paint, pesticide, glass and other industries.

The pure product is a colorless transparent liquid. The relative density is 1.328 to 1.349, the melting point is 318.4°C, and the boiling point is 1390°C. It is a colorless and transparent liquid. Industrial products contain impurities, mainly sodium chloride and sodium carbonate, and sometimes a small amount of iron oxide. After being dissolved in concentrated alkali, most of the impurities will float on the surface of the liquid and can be separated and removed.

Liquid caustic soda is very corrosive. When it touches the skin, it should be rinsed with water in time. When splashing into the eyes, rinse with water or saline for 15 minutes. If it is serious, you should be sent to the hospital for treatment.