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Junzheng Tablet

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Junzheng caustic soda is widely used in papermaking, synthetic washing, soap, viscose fiber, rayon and cotton fabric industries, pesticides, dyes, rubber and chemical industries, petroleum drilling, petroleum refining and tar refining.
The role of sodium hydroxide in chemical experiments: In addition to being used as a solution reagent, sodium hydroxide also has the ability to deliquesce and absorb water. It is a better alkaline desiccant. It can also absorb CO2 and other acid gases (experiment: S+O2=(ignite) SO2, so using this feature, sodium hydroxide can be used to absorb SO2)
The role of sodium hydroxide, the raw material of Junzheng caustic soda, in the paper industry: Sodium hydroxide plays an important role in the paper industry. Because of its alkalinity, it can be used for cooking and bleaching paper.
The role of sodium hydroxide in water treatment: Sodium hydroxide is widely used in water treatment. In sewage treatment plants, sodium hydroxide reduces the hardness of water through neutralization reactions. In the industrial field, it is a regenerating agent for ion exchange resin regeneration. Sodium hydroxide is more alkaline and has higher solubility in water. Since Junzheng Tablet is easy to measure the dosage, it is convenient to use in various fields of water treatment.