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Flake sodium hydroxide

Flake sodium hydroxide

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The hazard of flaky sodium hydroxide is to corrode people's skin. Once touched, it may burn the skin and form scars. Therefore, in the work related to caustic soda, it is necessary to take protective measures to avoid direct skin contact with caustic soda. The following are the precautions for use:
1. Sodium hydroxide is highly corrosive, so be careful when using it to avoid harm to your body. If you accidentally encounter a large amount of clean water, you need urgent medical attention!
2. Industrial flake sodium hydroxide should be stored in a well-ventilated place. Industrial flake caustic soda is first corrosive and oxidizing. Therefore, when storing, find a dry plant that is well ventilated and not exposed to the sun!
3. Avoid contact with acid substances, industrial sodium hydroxide will produce other chemical components when combined with acid!
4. During transportation, three-layer plastic woven bags should be used for packaging and transportation. It needs to be sealed well, not to have some chemical reactions with moisture and carbon dioxide in the air to make it deteriorate and cause environmental pollution!
We should pay attention to the above content when using flake sodium hydroxide, and hope it can be of some help to you.