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Industrial Caustic Soda

Industrial Caustic Soda

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  Industrial Caustic SodaBelonging to chemical products, we must do a good job in the production line, production environment, worker safety and other aspects of safety work. In order to maintain the normal production of products and for the safety of employees, the following points are mainly considered.
1. Wear labor protection equipment before going to work.
2. First check whether the seam sewing machine is working properly.
3. Put the bag in the work area.
4. Turn on the power switch of the electronic pump.
5. Start the packaging operation, borrow the industrial caustic soda into the packaging bag, and then seal the packaging outlet with a sewing machine.
6. Put the packaged products in the warehouse for natural cooling, and place them according to the color of the flake alkali and the inspection report.
7. When the flake alkali reaches normal temperature, it should be stored.
8. Do not overweight during storage. It should be stored in a separate warehouse. The distance between each warehouse shall not exceed 100 meters. The distance between the serial port and the hard disk is not less than 1 meter. The distance between the serial port and the wall is not less than 0.5m, the distance is not less than 0.3m, the width of the main channel is not less than 2m, and the height of the serial port is not more than 3 floors.
Chemical products will inevitably cause some chemical or physical reactions, which may cause some harm to the human body. Therefore, industrial caustic soda production companies need to require employees to strictly follow the regulations during the production and packaging process!