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Operation steps of flake caustic soda production method

When processing flake caustic soda, different methods are used to prepare it. There will be some gaps in the purity and use effect of the finished product. Through the experiment of Zibo Linnuo Chemical Co., Ltd., we found that among the more production methods, the purity of the product obtained by the batch treatment method is higher. Below we introduce in detail the specific operation steps of the caustic soda production method.
1. Under normal circumstances, during reprocessing, an intermittent boiling process is required to produce alkaline substances in a molten state.
2. Then the molten alkali produced by flake caustic soda is transported to a higher tank, and part of the coal is burned at the bottom of the higher tank for insulation. For the amount of flake alkali transported by the high-level tank, an overflow device needs to be installed for control.
3. Then the lye is transported from the high-level tank to the arc-shaped alkali tank, and the delivery flow needs to be controlled during the transportation process.
4. The molten alkali after evaporation treatment enters the arc tank through the finished product separator.
5. After entering the dovetail tank on the surface of the refrigerated barrel, it is generally necessary to immerse the bottom of the barrel in an arc-shaped alkali tank with a depth of about 20-25mm.
6. Then, when the drum rotates at a relatively slow speed, the cooling water slowly enters the middle of the bearing from one side of the bearing, and then sprays onto the inner surface of the drum for cooling treatment to keep the drum having a good change. Thermal performance.
7. Afterwards, with the rotation of the drum, it is slowly scraped off by the scraper to obtain the finished product.
The above introduces the intermittent treatment method used in the production process of caustic soda. When this method is used for treatment, some production devices are used more, so care should be taken to avoid the corrosion of the equipment by alkaline substances during use. The above content is compiled and released by the editor of Zibo Linnuo Chemical Co., Ltd. I hope to help you in the future. If you want to know other news, you can consult us. The caustic soda produced by our company is widely used and is liked by many customers. .