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The influence of PH value on 99 tablets of caustic soda

Today, I take you to see some knowledge of 99 tablets of alkali. Because it has better moisture-proof and dehumidifying effect, it is more useful in old houses. If some products such as lime powder and dehumidifiers cannot be greatly reduced at home, this product has a better practical effect.
Due to the physical properties of flaky alkali, neutralizers are common as the neutralization reaction of sewage solutions. Most sewage contains acid ions. At this time, it is necessary to put the alkali into the sewage so that the acid ions in the sewage can be adjusted. The neutralization of the pH value indicates that the flake caustic soda is an organic chemical product with adjustable pH value.
Let's take a look at the adjustment of pH:
1. As one of the key raw materials for sewage treatment, this flake caustic will melt in water, and a large amount of Oh positive ions will be released.99 tablets of alkali manufacturersThe pH value of the produced 99 alkali changes with changes. In fact, this is a specification that can be used to require water pH;
2. In the whole process of sewage treatment, by paying attention to the change of pH value, the consumption of pH value can be calculated, and the production and manufacture of water treatment agent can be estimated.
The above is the knowledge of adjusting the pH value of 99 tablets of alkali that I introduced in detail today. When the water is neutralized, it can not only adjust the pH value of the sewage, neutralize its acid value, but also neutralize the air pollutants in the water. It is a commonly used chemical substance in sewage treatment. In addition, some of its alkali and ammonium hydroxide are weak and can be dispersed on objects that need to be moisture-proof, without causing great harm to the quality of the object, and can also play a moisture-proof function. However, it is not recommended to use in some large and medium-sized long-term ice areas. Since the ratio of water to caustic soda is not positively correlated, it is not easy to produce related effects and will continue to harm the surrounding natural environment.
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