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Why the quality of flake caustic soda is different

Caustic soda is a kind of white crystal, which is relatively irritating and corrosive at room temperature. Dust or smoke can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract and corrode the nasal septum. Direct contact of skin and eyes with flaky alkali can cause burns. Mistakes can cause gastrointestinal burns, mucosal erosion, bleeding, and shock.
When the product is produced, its quality is also different, which has a greater impact on subsequent use. Many people may wonder why the production process is similar and why it is production. The difference between the products is too big, today I will introduce to youIndustrial Caustic SodaThe reason for the difference in quality.
1. The raw material is the main component of the product, and the quality of the raw material directly affects the quality of the caustic soda product. Therefore, the better the quality of raw materials, the better the product quality. For example, the quality of some raw materials is not good, so the quality of the product will naturally deteriorate. Therefore, many manufacturers are willing to spend more money to purchase scientific and high-quality raw materials.
2. The difference of the machine will also affect the product. For example, some manufacturers use better machines and more functional equipment, so the caustic soda produced has better performance and quality, but some manufacturers use less excellent equipment. It may be that the equipment has been used for a long time, so the product quality may not be very good.
3. The level of personnel operation is also more important to quality, because the equipment itself is manually operated and controlled by us. Therefore, if we compare the level of technical personnel, the level of technical personnel is more important. Production can be better controlled, and the quality of the products produced may be better. If the level of technical personnel is not very high, and the entire production process cannot be better controlled and adjusted, the quality of the product may not be satisfactory. Correct.
The above is the reason for the different quality of flake caustic soda, so the difference is also due to the different equipment and raw materials used in the production, so the production difference of the products is also relatively large.