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How to check the quality of flake caustic soda

When choosing a thing, the quality must be the most important thing, and the flaky caustic soda is no exception. With the development of this industry, many large and small enterprises have also entered the production of this industry, but we cannot solve the bad reasons. We should also check the quality of caustic soda.
① From the perspective of color, whether the flake alkali is pure white flake solid, and the purity is relatively high without impurities. At this time, if the color is found to be incorrect, there may be black and white, and this analysis may contain other impurities. Ordinary flaky alkali does not have variegated color, inadvertently a little gray, probably the blood color is normal, and does not affect the quality.
②The power of a pinch of hands will change from flake to granular. If you put a little bit on your hand and drop a few drops of water on your hand, you will feel the heat radiating from the upper reaches of the hand. This is distinguished by the high temperature characteristics of flake alkali in contact with water. On the contrary, the quality of flake caustic soda is not good.
③The shelf life of caustic soda is generally one year. If the arrangement time is too long, the color will become darker and blacker. The other is to look at the thickness and size, the thinner the better, the smaller the better, it is easier to use ablation.
④Many manufacturers use surplus substances to counterfeit, and ozone alkali is commonly used. Ozonized alkali is a mixture of alkali remaining after waste is produced. Although it is alkaline, it is weak. Many companies use it to mix other chemicals to counterfeit, which requires buyers to pay attention. For many consumers, the lack of knowledge about flaky caustic soda leads to blind shopping and the deception of shopping guides alone, causing many hidden dangers. Therefore, it is more important to master accurate evaluation methods.
There are some verifications for the selected caustic soda, so that you can double your understanding when choosing, and the quality of the selected products can also be better reflected, and the better quality products will have better effects in use.
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