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The use and physicochemical properties of flake sodium hydroxide

Zibo Linnuo Chemical Co., Ltd. analyzed the market form of flake sodium hydroxide. The seemingly complex chemicals such as caustic soda, solid soda, and flaky alkali actually have a familiar name, sodium hydroxide. This is a chemical substance that we were exposed to when we were in junior high school. Junior high school students may be familiar with it, but in fact, the sodium hydroxide knowledge we have learned in textbooks is only a small part of it.
Therefore, whether in industry or in daily life, the application of sodium hydroxide is unimaginable, let alone the derivatives it produces. Here we will mention one of the many derivatives of sodium hydroxide. Except for a small amount of liquid caustic soda products, most of them are supplied in the form of caustic soda to downstream alumina and other industries in the local and surrounding areas. Some commodities are sold in Eastern and Southern China. The market outlook for caustic soda is expected to remain stable.
As we all know, flake sodium hydroxide is a commonly used chemical reagent in industrial production. It can replace other similar products and is proud of its excellent physical and chemical properties. Let me introduce all aspects of its physical and chemical properties.
1. As a colorless and transparent crystal, caustic soda shows its true existence at this time.
2. This is also more important to the physical and chemical properties of the product. After mastering some key points, you can basically see some of the advantages and characteristics of chemical raw materials in operation.
3. Flaky caustic soda has strong hygroscopicity during combustion and is easily soluble in water.
4. The nature of the product is more convenient and diversified.
5. The density of the product is still high during the production process, so when choosing to use, you can choose solid flake caustic soda products for operation and use, so it is relatively safe. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, flake sodium hydroxide can be used as a basic chemical raw material. It is widely used in textile industries such as papermaking, synthetic detergent, soap, viscose fiber, etc., bringing greater convenience to our lives.