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Management method of flake caustic soda factory warehouse

Flake caustic soda manufacturers need to be careful when storing products in the warehouse. One is to avoid contamination, and the other is to prevent the reaction with other substances and affect the use. Therefore, the warehouse needs to have a corresponding management plan.
1. When the flake caustic soda is discharged from the warehouse, it should be from top to bottom. It is strictly forbidden to pull the bottom to avoid collapsing and hurting people.
2. The packaging bag should be strictly managed and used for a product. Mixed installation and mixed use are strictly prohibited.
3. Strictly follow the requirements of "Sodium Hydroxide Safety Technical Manual" for storage, loading and unloading, and operators should wear labor protection equipment as required.
4. The caustic soda is packaged intact. If damage or leakage is found, the person in charge of the solid soda plant and the safety officer of the caustic soda branch should be contacted in time for safe handling in time.
5. During storage, it should not be overweight or piled high, and should be stored in piles. The area of ​​each chimney should not exceed 100 square meters. The spacing between stacks is not less than 1 meter, the spacing between stacks and walls is not less than 0.5 meters, the spacing between stacks and beams and columns is not less than 0.3 meters, the width of the main channel is not less than 2 meters, and the stack height is not more than 3 layers.
6. The warehouse of the caustic soda manufacturer should be equipped with corresponding safety warning signs, such as paying attention to corrosion and wearing labor protection equipment.
7. The person in charge of the safety management of the caustic soda storage should stick to his post and shall not leave his post without authorization. Before and after the shift, he must check carefully. Find the situation, deal with it and report it in time, and keep a record of on-duty work.
8. The warehouse should be dry, free from stagnant water, and the roof should be waterproof. Hot water pipes, tap water pipes, and heating pipes are not allowed to enter the warehouse.
The person in charge of the safety management of the caustic soda warehouse should inspect the warehouse regularly during the day, and carefully check all parts, including electrical appliances, fire-fighting facilities, unblocked fire passages, and stable stacking conditions. The person in charge of the safety management of the caustic soda warehouse should also inspect the warehouse at night , And find safety hazards and other situations should be dealt with in time.
The above is the warehouse safety management method of the caustic soda manufacturer, I hope it can be of some help to you.