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Cautions on the use and operation of caustic soda

Flake caustic is widely used as neutralizer in the water treatment industry, and widely used in various sodium salt production, soap, papermaking, cotton fabric, silk, viscose fiber, rubber product regeneration, metal washing, electroplating in chemical industry , Bleaching, etc. The flake caustic soda is highly corrupt, therefore, there are special requirements for the safety protection of flake caustic soda.
Workers who manipulate flake caustic soda are more susceptible to the risk of flake caustic soda. Please wear protective clothing before going to work and require the company to provide safe shower and eyewash equipment. Flake caustic soda is easily disclosed during the production process, and emergency measures should be taken. Cut off the purification zone and limit revenue and expenditure. Workers who initiate emergency response should wear dust masks and wear acid and alkali-resistant clothing. Before putting on proper protective clothing, it is strictly forbidden to use damaged containers and leak during war. Try to stop the source of the leak. Cover the leak with a plastic sheet to reduce scattering. Do not let water enter the packaging container. Collect the present invention with a clean shovel, put it in clean, need to close the actual operation, and close the surrounding natural ventilation to keep the gas safe. The actual operation of the operator should be studied and trained, and strictly abide by the safety operation regulations. If you accidentally touch it, it can cause burns and possibly cardiac arrest. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly abide by the relevant requirements and do a good job of safety protection.
1. The actual operator who produces flake caustic soda should wear a gas mask (half mask) and anti-static clothing.
2. It is strictly forbidden to work in workplaces where open flames are smoked.
3. Application of fire-proof exhaust system and mechanical equipment. Prevent steam from leaking into the workplace air. Prevent contact with reducing agents, acids, alkaline earth metals and acrylamide.
4. When filling water, control the water flow and set up a grounding system to prevent static electricity from accumulating.
5. Equipped with corresponding types and total number of fire-fighting equipment, leakage emergency treatment equipment.
6. The humidity of the warehouse environment should not exceed 85%, and the packaging should be sealed to avoid moisture regain.
7. In the caustic soda storage area, proper recovery and leakage of raw materials should be maintained.