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Introduction to the common uses of industrial caustic soda

More commonIndustrial Caustic SodaIt is used as a chemical product, followed by the paper industry, aluminum, tungsten, rayon, rayon and soap processing and manufacturing.
In addition, in the production of dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals, organic chemical intermediates, recycling of old vulcanized rubber, metal sodium production, water electrolysis, carbonate, borax, chromium salt, manganese salt, and polyphosphate production Manufacturing and other aspects are also used. Lots of sodium hydroxide.
(1) Refining crude oil.
After the petroleum products are cleaned with hydrochloric acid, some acidic substances need to be cleaned with sodium hydroxide solution and then cleaned with tap water to obtain the required products.
(2) Paper industry.
The raw materials of the paper industry are woody or herbaceous plants. In addition to cellulose, this green plant also contains a lot of non-cellulose (lignocellulose, shellac, etc.). Adding dilute industrial caustic soda solution can dissolve and separate non-cellulose components to make pulp with cellulose as the key component.
(3) Textiles.
Synthetic fibers such as rayon, rayon, and rayon are mainly viscose fibers. They use cellulose (such as pulp), sodium hydroxide and carbon disulfide (CS2) as raw materials. Through blood clotting.
(4) Printing and dyeing factory.
After the knitted fabric is dissolved in an alkaline solution, the wax, vegetable oil, tapioca starch and other chemical substances on the surface of the fabric can be removed. In addition, the color of the fabric can be changed to make the dyeing more uniform.
(5) Improve the soil with lime powder. In the soil, since the organic matter of the soil causes the dissolution of the organic matter during the entire dissolution process, the mineral weathering layer is also easy to cause acidic substances. In addition, the application of inorganic fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate and ammonium chloride will also alkalinize the soil. Proper use of lime powder can combine the acidic substances in the soil, make the soil suitable for the growth and development of crops, and promote the breeding of microbial strains. The increase in the content of Ca2 in the soil can promote the aggregation of the soil colloidal solution, which is conducive to the formation of round bodies. In addition, it can also supplement the calcium needed for plant growth.
(6) Make soap. Soap is mainly composed of acetate and high oleic acid, usually saponified from oil and industrial flake alkali.