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Emergency measures and price influencing factors of 99 tablets of caustic soda

With the development of chemical industry, 99 tablets of alkali are used more and more frequently. Do you know any emergency measures?

Employees working in flake caustic soda are easily affected by flake caustic soda. These employees should wear protective clothing, gloves, goggles or masks when on duty. The company also needs to provide shower and eyewash equipment. The flake caustic soda is easy to leak during the production process, and the leakage of flake caustic soda should be dealt with urgently. Isolate leaks and contaminated areas, and restrict access. It is recommended that first responders wear dust masks and acid-base protective clothing. Do not touch damaged containers and leaks before wearing appropriate protective clothing. Cut off the source of leakage as much as possible. Cover the leak with a plastic sheet to reduce scattering. Do not let water enter the container. Emergency measures for flake caustic soda: Use a clean electric shovel to collect the leakage, put it into a clean and dry container with a loose lid, and move the container away from the leakage area.

Many people choose to buy materials at a price. What are the factors that affect the high price of these 99 tablets of caustic soda?

1. Due to the transportation shortage, the supply of Northwest Caustic Soda to East China is relatively small. At present, the East China market is still tight, and the prices of local products are rising. At present, 99% of the export price of local mainstream caustic soda is as high as 3250-3300 yuan/ton. Some traders said that some downstream manufacturers are under cost pressure brought about by high-priced products.

2. As the price of liquid caustic soda is getting higher and higher, the production cost of flake caustic soda is correspondingly higher, so its price is also higher.

3. At present, there is a shortage of liquid caustic soda in my country, and the supply of commodities exceeds demand. As a result, some dealers raised their prices.

4. Due to the need for coal baking during the production process, the price of coal is rising rapidly, and the cost of producing flake caustic soda is also higher.

5. Due to the transportation of flaky caustic soda, oil prices are also rising wildly, and then the freight is also rising. Because there is a gap, when the goods are delivered to us, the price is much higher than the direct purchase price.

99 tablets of caustic soda is an excellent material with excellent performance and a wide range of applications. The factors affecting the price of flake caustic soda are the main points mentioned by Xiaobian. When choosing this material, you should not choose to buy or not to buy because of the high or low price. We should consider whether to buy it to determine whether it is beneficial to our own business and production.