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Need to know the use of high flake caustic soda

High flake caustic soda is a white translucent crystalline solid. Sodium hydroxide is easily soluble in water, and its solubility increases with the increase of temperature. It releases a lot of heat when it dissolves. At 288k, its saturated solution concentration can reach 16.4mol/l. Its aqueous solution is astringent and greasy. The solution is strongly alkaline and can react with acidic substances. It has all the properties of an alkali. There are two types of commercial caustic soda: solid caustic soda is white, block, flake, rod, granular, and fragile; pure liquid caustic soda is a colorless and transparent liquid.
Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is used for wastewater treatment. In order to increase the pH value of the raw water, strengthen the coagulation and sedimentation effect, and optimize the quality of the effluent water, an alkaline regulator should be added in the water treatment process. The effect of adjusting the pH value and its influence on the effluent quality were studied. The cost of adding alkaline regulators is analyzed. The results show that using solid sodium hydroxide as an alkaline regulator has good effects and low production costs.
High flake caustic soda is also widely used in printing and dyeing industry, with good color rendering rate. Use this product instead of soda ash, even if 1/10 of the soda ash is used, it can maintain a sufficient color supply. In the process of operation, adding too much of this product will not affect the color of the fiber.
It is suitable for all kinds of reactive dyes, and has high color rendering ability and reproducibility for each reactive dye. It is suitable for all kinds of equipment, mainly low liquor ratio and aerosol dyeing machines. It can better solve the difference between the inner and outer layers in cheese production.
Flaky alkali is a new type of buffered solid alkali with low electrolyte content and low dissolved ionic strength. Therefore, the coloring speed is slower in the process of adding alkali, so that the level dyeing property of the dye is better. Whether it is dyeing dark or light colors, the alkali addition time is about 20 minutes, which shortens the dyeing time. The quality of dyed products is greatly increased, and the repair rate and cost are saved.
The above is the use of high-grade caustic soda introduced by Zibo Linnuo Chemical Co., Ltd. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know other news, you can consult us.