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Food needs to use food-grade flake caustic soda

Food is very important to people. Food is related to people's health. However, as the economy continues to develop, many unscrupulous companies only value money and turn food into "drugs." It can only be said that such people are blinded by interests.Food grade flake caustic sodaIts chemical formula is sodium hydroxide, commonly known as caustic soda, caustic soda and caustic soda. It is a strong caustic soda, which is highly corrosive. Usually flakes or blocks. It is soluble in water (exothermic when dissolved in water) to form an alkaline solution. In addition, it has deliquescence. It easily absorbs water vapor (deliquescent) and carbon dioxide (deterioration) in the air. You can add hydrochloric acid to check for deterioration. In recent years, we have learned lessons from the Sanlu turmoil. For enterprises to achieve long-term development, they need to focus on food safety supervision. When it comes to food safety, we need to mention a chemical substance, sodium hydroxide, which can be called the "destruction" of the food industry.
I don’t know if you have ever heard of using food grade flake caustic soda to make chicken feet with pickled peppers or tofu. When you search on the Internet, there are many reports about this. Not only the above two reports, female skin care products trotters were also attacked by sodium hydroxide. At the same time, sea cucumbers in the food industry cannot escape the disaster of sodium hydroxide. It seems that this kind of sodium hydroxide is really common and deserves the title of "Destruction Expert". It is widely used in wastewater treatment in electroplating, pure cotton, sodium chloride and other industries. Flake caustic soda is highly corrosive and has special requirements for the safety protection of flake caustic soda. Sodium hydroxide is one of the commonly used chemical substances that are indispensable in chemical laboratories. The pure product is a colorless transparent crystal. Industrial products contain a small amount of sodium chloride and sodium carbonate, which are white opaque crystals. There are lumps, flakes, granules and rods.
Manufacturers have long-term plans, mainly food-grade caustic soda. Most entrepreneurs keep up with the trend of the times and take the green, healthy and inorganic road. However, there are some people who only care about their direct interests, and sooner or later they will be eliminated by the times.