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Precautions for packaging and transportation of industrial caustic soda

There are many types of flaky alkali, which are widely used in industry and food. In order to maintain the use effect of the product, some matters should be paid attention to when packaging and transporting industrial caustic soda.

Industrial solid flake caustic soda is packed in iron drums or other airtight containers with wall thickness greater than 0.5mm and pressure resistance greater than 0.5pa. The lid needs to be tightly sealed, with a net weight of 200kg and flake caustic soda 25kg. "Corrosive substances" should be clearly marked on the packaging.

When edible liquid flake caustic soda is transported by tanker or storage tank, it needs to be cleaned after use twice. In order to prevent melon bacterial diseases, the eggplant seeds were soaked in sodium hydroxide for 4 hours, then soaked in 2% sodium hydroxide solution for 15 minutes, and then rinsed with water to dry for 18 hours. The method can kill most of the viruses and fungi inside and outside the vegetable seeds, and can prevent and cure vegetable viruses, anthracnose, angular spot, early blight and late blight.

Tank trucks, storage tanks, and barrels are not allowed to transport liquid caustic soda produced by mercury electrolysis. Plastic barrels and tanks that meet the requirements of food packaging standards are allowed to transport edible liquid flake caustic soda and flake caustic soda.

If the wrong packaging and transportation method is used to transport the industrial caustic soda, its performance may be changed, and the effect before use will not be achieved, resulting in waste.

Industrial flake caustic soda is basically a chemical. Due to its corrosiveness, attention should be paid to related matters in packaging and transportation. Although the risk of flake caustic soda is not very high, once a leak occurs, the risk will rise. Therefore, in order to keep the flake caustic soda from reaching customers safely during transportation, the following points should be paid attention to during packaging, storage and transportation:

1. It should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse or shed, and the packaging container should be complete and sealed.

2. The flake caustic generally uses a 25kg three-layer plastic woven bag, the inner and outer layers are plastic woven bags, and the middle layer is a plastic inner bag.

3. Do not store and transport with flammable materials and acids.

4. Pay attention to moisture and rain during transportation. In the event of a fire, water, sand and various fire extinguishers can be used to extinguish the fire. But firefighters should pay attention to the corrosiveness of caustic soda dissolved in water.

5. Flake caustic soda belongs to the 8.2 category of alkali corrosion products, and the packaging should be packed in alkali-resistant and corrosion-resistant bags.

In order to reduce some other losses, manufacturers also need to strictly follow the requirements when packaging and storing industrial caustic soda. In addition, in the transportation process, we must also pay attention to protective measures to keep the product smoothly in the hands of the customer and complete the transaction.