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How to remove the impurities of potassium hydroxide? How to increase the quality?

Potassium hydroxide is widely used in the field of cosmetics, and its quality requirements are high when used. If there are many other ingredients in it, the expected results may not be achieved when used. Even if it is used in cosmetics, it is harmful to the skin, so how to determine the content of impurities when using it.
1. First weigh out an accurate sample weight of 1.5-2.0g with a balance, then place it in a 250ml beaker and add distilled water to dissolve it. After the dissolution is complete, you can put it into a volumetric flask of the same size, and stop adding water after the water dissolves to 250ml.
2. Pour the dissolving solution evenly into three conical flasks, and add two drops of phenolphthalein indicator. Then add the hydrochloric acid solution dropwise until the solution turns from red to colorless. Then record the volume of hydrochloric acid used and add 2 drops of methyl orange indicator. Similarly, titrate with a standard hydrochloric acid solution until the solution turns orange.
3. Then record the volume of the hydrochloric acid solution added twice, and calculate the impurity content of the product based on this.
Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of potassium hydroxide, so the competition among them is also very fierce. So in addition to making concessions on the price, we also need to make the product quality better, because the quality of the products on the market is uneven, so if we The quality of the products is very high, so consumers are more willing to buy better quality products. Let us now learn how to increase the quality of the products.
1. When it is concentrated into flake caustic soda, molten salt is generally used as the medium in the heating process, and the molten salt needs to use a hydrogen combustion furnace to obtain the heat source. When the combustion furnace emits heat, it needs to be in a stable state to keep the molten salt temperature and flow relatively balanced. It can only be heated in a relatively stable state. Under normal circumstances, the alkali temperature after the processing plant needs to reach 380-400℃.
2. When heating, control the pressure and temperature of the high-pressure steam. Under normal circumstances, the temperature is more suitable between 190-210 ℃.
3. During the heating process, the equipment needs to be kept in a sealed state. In the process of autoclaving, avoid contact with air.
The key to increasing the quality of potassium hydroxide is introduced. During the heating process, the pressure and temperature during the heating process should be controlled, including air leakage during the heating process.